Construction ManagementOur construction management capabilities help us complete projects at 20 to 30 percent below the cost of comparable closed shop construction. We can help developers achieve similar savings with our construction management services.
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General ContractingNo other open shop general contractor has our experience with large projects in Manhattan, and no closed shop contractor can build to our quality standards at the budgets we can. Our highly-skilled tradesmen qualified subcontractors keeps us in complete control of all facets of construction.
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Project ManagementWe know from our experience building in Manhattan and through our family’s real estate development business that there’s much more to a successful project than completing construction on time and on budget.
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Design/BuildEvery construction professional recognizes the impact a building’s design has on its ease or difficulty of construction. With family roots in real estate development, we also understand the critical link between a project’s design and its long-term viability and functionality.
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Flintlock Construction Services LLC is an open shop construction company building exclusively in New York City.

Growing Manhattan’s Skyline, the Open Shop Way

In 1999, in the heart of New York City—the world’s most challenging construction location—Flintlock Construction Services LLC introduced Manhattan to a new way of constructing large-scale buildings and revolutionized its construction trades. The combination of innovative open shop construction capabilities and leveraging highly skilled tradesmen not subject to collective bargaining agreements, enables Flintlock to complete projects at 20 to 30 percent lower cost than closed shop construction companies, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety. Working virtually exclusively in Manhattan since 1999, Flintlock has built more than 40 major buildings for leading hotel and real estate development companies, ranging from our first ten-story project to our most recent, a 450-foot tall hotel at 42nd Street and Broadway—right in the middle of Times Square. Today, the Manhattan development market is more vibrant than ever, and Flintlock is ready to assist developers bring their visions to life with a complete portfolio of construction and pre-construction services.

Experience, Resources, and a Record of Success

With a foundation of four generations of New York real estate development and construction experience, Flintlock Construction Services LLC has developed its own unique open-shop construction approach. Today, with up to eight projects in construction at any time, 1,000 construction professionals are at work on our sites in Manhattan. The company’s robust resources—which range from in-house risk management to regulation and compliance departments—enable Flintlock to remain steadfast in its singular focus: client satisfaction. We invite you to learn more about our company, our projects and the foundation of innovation upon which we’re building.

No open shop construction company can match our experience, resources or record of success in Manhattan.”