Managing Your Project’s Success, from Inception to Occupancy and Beyond

We know from our experience building in Manhattan, and through our family’s real estate development business, that there’s much more to a successful project than completing construction on time and on budget. The design must be optimized for the project’s mission and location, the right team of professionals assembled to bring the developer’s vision to life, and favorable financing arrangements must be made and finalized. Flintlock Construction Services can adroitly manage the entire development process with our turnkey project management services. We work closely with project owners throughout the planning and construction process, ensuring their vision is realized as fully and economically as possible. Moreover, because financing institutions and lenders are familiar with our company and the quality of our work, having our name as Contractor on a loan application adds a credible team member to any developer seeking to build in Manhattan.

The Flintlock Advantage in Project Management

Underscoring our management capabilities, and the depth of our understanding of the construction process in Manhattan, most of our projects are contracted on Lump Sum or Stipulated Sum payment, wherein we fix the full project price in advance. Our experience enables us to price projects properly, and gives developers the peace of mind of knowing the total costs before construction begins. This stands in contrast to the Guaranteed Maximum Price arrangement many other contractors employ, which provides only a price range. Additionally, because of our track record, financial strength and reputation, we are able to post payment and performance bonds backed by the Chubb Group of Companies, which is something very few other open shop contractors can do. If you’re considering developing in Manhattan, you need the street smarts to give yourself every advantage available, and that starts with the Flintlock advantage.