Safety—Our #1 Priority on Every Construction Project

Our strategy for maintaining an excellent commercial construction safety record includes an in-house risk/safety manager and general superintendant who conduct continuous risk analysis. We self-perform safety work at our sites, rather than sub-contracting out this important task (in contrast to other contractors in New York.) Our goal is simple: to prevent the violations and any injuries to workers that can trigger a stop work order with its associated cost and delay. To this end, we hold weekly safety meetings at each site which are mandatory for all workers. Translation is provided for non-English speakers. All of our employees receive safety training beyond the basic OSHA 10 hour course. We have a number of New York City licensed Site Safety Managers on staff and we sponsor all voluntary advanced safety training for every employee.

Where Construction Speed and Safety Meet

To ensure our crews maintain a “safety-first attitude,” we have in-house classes on safety, as well as an in-house safety-training program taught by an OSHA-certified instructor, which serve to supplement mandatory OSHA training. At our weekly company-wide staff meetings attended by all project supervisory personnel, safety and regulatory issues specific to each project are routinely discussed. Flintlock also owns and maintains up-to-date construction equipment and tools, thereby reducing the chances for equipment-related accidents.