A Commitment to Energy Efficient Buildings and Construction Methods

We believe energy efficiency plays a role in every successful building design and construction, and we are strong advocates for energy efficiency in every project we undertake. Long before ground is broken, we work with developers and architects to maximize the application of materials and energy efficient technologies and materials. We are on the frontier of co-generation energy systems—having installed co-generation plants in several buildings—as we believe it is a more sustainable energy solution for both the buildings and the surrounding environment. We encourage clients to select this sustainable option when applicable as it provides a sensible energy option. We incorporate sustainability into our own construction practices, as well. Of special note, Flintlock was among the first construction companies in New York City to institute recycling of all construction wastes at all our construction sites.

Sustainability Begins at Home

As a member of the Green Building Council, Flintlock Construction Services is a regional leader in LEED construction, with five certified or pending certification projects completed. We are committed to continuing to promote sustainable practices in design and construction.