The Framework for Our Operations

Flintlock Construction Services has one overarching mission: to bring the best in open shop construction to the heart of New York City, providing developers with a high-quality, lower cost alternative to the closed shop contractors that have historically dominated Manhattan’s building trade. Established by founders Andrew and Chip Weiss on a foundation of core principles (commitment to our client’s needs, quality in everything we build, and fair dealing with subcontractors and suppliers), we work with visionary owners and developers to reshape Manhattan by providing a range of services that ensure their projects look as good on the bottom line as they do on the skyline. We build in a manner that reflects all the best New York City represents in terms of quality, value, diversity in the workplace, and concern for community and the environment. It’s our goal to accomplish this mission while adding to our family’s legacy of quality real estate development in New York and staying true to the principles that have sustained us for four generations.

Committed to Our Clients, Employees, and Community

The principles that guide our business are based on the values of a family real estate development and contracting company whose history goes back almost a century. We build for every client as we would build for ourselves, and we are focused on completing projects on schedule and on budget. By maintaining professional standards in our dealings with clients, employees, subcontractors, and the vendors and regulatory authorities we work with on a daily basis, Flintlock strives to be an upstanding corporate citizen of the city in which we build.