A Leading Role in Manhattan’s Construction Industry

With more than 40 major projects completed since 2001, Flintlock Construction Services is among the most active builders in Manhattan, but that alone isn’t what makes us a leader in our field. We have always exceeded expectations of open shop construction and continue to do so. Flintlock was the first open shop contractor in Manhattan to use a personnel and material hoist, first to build above 8, 11, 20 and 30 stories, the first to employ a tower crane and will soon be the first open shop contractor to construct a building in Manhattan comprising in excess of 450,000 square feet.

Leadership in Corporate Policies and Practices

Our industry leadership can be seen throughout our operations. Our standards of quality and construction efficiency set the benchmark for open shop contractors. Our employees benefit not only from a robust health insurance program (offered long before it was mandated) and a competitive defined contribution retirement plan, but also from continuing education courses for career advancement and safety training which are paid for by the company. To ensure our regulatory obligations are met, we have a regulations and compliance director who works solely with permitting, addressing violations and interacting with regulating agencies. Additionally, with the Weiss brothers’ experience as developers, Flintlock has a deep understanding of building design and functionality when compared to other construction companies. Owners are comfortable asking us, “What would you do if it was your project?” We work with developers well before ground is broken to refine and improve project design—and this commitment remains throughout the construction and post-construction phases.