Valuable Expertise and Insights for Any Stage of Project Development

No other open shop construction company has the level of experience building major projects in Manhattan as Flintlock does, and no closed shop contractor can deliver on our combination of competitive costing and quality construction. Our knowledge of construction in Manhattan can save developers time and money when considering projects, building design elements, or construction methods. If you’re involved in a project in Manhattan, you can take advantage of our knowledge and experience at any phase of development. Our Construction Consulting Services provide developers with expert advice and the latest information on construction regulations, site-specific considerations, and many other issues developers with experience in other markets have never encountered. Especially, permitting requirements can seem confusing to developers unfamiliar with the city’s codes. With so much at stake when building in Manhattan, it’s critical for owners to have access to expert information and understand all their development and construction options. Our Construction Consulting Services deliver that advantage.

Your Development Partner in Manhattan

Our most successful projects are those we’re involved with early on. Under our Pre-Construction Consulting Services, we meet with architectural teams while the project is still in its planning stage, providing valuable insights into the location, design considerations for the type of project, and other issues that can impact the construction process or the building’s functionality. However, our consulting services can help move your project forward at any stage of development, right up to advising on the punch list items for correction during the final phase of construction. If you’re considering a development in Manhattan, contact us first to learn more about the consultation services we offer, and let’s put together a blueprint for success.