The Blueprint for Successful Construction Management

Through 15 years of open shop construction in Manhattan, Flintlock Construction Services has honed project management to a science, enabling us to add two to two-and-a-half stories per week to our buildings. We know the potential logistical bottlenecks and how to avoid them. Our safety and risk assessment process identify potential issues before they become problems. We’re experts on the permitting process and the ever more complex regulations with which builders in Manhattan must comply. Our construction management services utilize all of these capabilities to serve developers with projects in Manhattan.

Attentive Oversight and Attention to Detail

Flintlock’s hands-on style of construction management ensures projects proceed on time and on budget. We hold weekly review meetings with the projects developers attended by Andrew or Stephen “Chip” Weiss Jr., our founders, and assign an in-house project manager to head every construction management project. Our Construction Operations Headquarters, located at 8th Avenue and 39th Street in Manhattan, places senior leadership within minutes from all the midtown construction sites, while our corporate office in Westchester County tracks all administrative issues and paperwork. The company’s solid relations with the NYC Department of Buildings and other agencies also smoothes project progress, and helps us quickly resolve any regulatory issues that arise.